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Deluxe Individual Kit (DIK)

Deluxe Individual Kit contents:
1 Foldscope
1 instruction sheet
2 140X lens (one extra lens)
4 magnetic couplers (for attaching cellphone and LED/Magnifier to Foldscope)
1 metal storage box with integrated instrument tray
1 LED/Magnifier with integrated magnifier for bright-field, dark-field and oblique phase imaging (battery included)
1 sheet of diffuser stickers for LED/Magnifier
1 sheet of reusable sealable PVC slides with micro-wells and plastic coverslips
1 sheet of calibration/measurement grids
3 nylon filter sheets (5, 25, 100 micron)
2 stainless steel mesh filters (1mm and 300um)
3 custom sample collection plastic bags
2 Eppendorf tubes
1 plastic pair of tweezers
2 plastic pipettes
1 slide box with 2 pre-made glass slides and 3 blank glass slides
1 ultra clear roll of tape for making quick slides/coverslips
1 small blunt end metal scissors
1 sheet of color stickers for labeling slides
1 unique ID sticker code for access to Microcosmos community website (http://microcosmos.foldscope.com)

Shipping Dimension & Weight:  11 x 6 x 2 inches, 1.12lbs.

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